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US Disqualified Itself as ‘Honest Broker’ in Middle East Peace Process: Palestine President

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Trump’s Jerusalem move angered the Palestinians, sparked protests in the Middle East and raised concern that it could further destabilise the region. The status of Jerusalem is the centre of Palestine’s conflict with Israel.

Ramallah: The US has excluded itself from being a “legitimate merchant” in the Middle East peace process, Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas has said as he censured his American partner Donald Trump for his “illicit” choice to pronounce Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Trump’s Jerusalem move irritated the Palestinians, started dissents in the Middle East and raised worry that it could additionally destabilize the locale. The status of Jerusalem is the focal point of Palestine’s contention with Israel. The city is home to key religious locales sacrosanct to Judaism, Islam and Christianity, particularly in East Jerusalem.

The Palestinians need to make East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state. Abbas lashed out at the United States’ choice to pronounce Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and cutting the guide bundle to the Palestinians as “unconstructive” measures.

He said Palestine is hoping to make a universal multilateral component in which the US can likewise be a gathering and India can likewise assume a part. “The US Administration precluded itself from being a fair specialist, and ought not be the sole arbiter in the peace procedure,” the Palestine president told PTI in an email meet.

In a burrow at Trump’s statement with respect to working out an extreme arrangement amid his residency, the Palestinian President said that they “have not gotten any recommendations”, but rather just “sudden and unlawful choice on Jerusalem”.

“Concerning the supposed extreme arrangement, we have not gotten any recommendations for a peace design until the occasion. We continue knowing about an extreme arrangement that the US President will present to the sides, however nobody has proposed anything, yet rather, President Trump declared his sudden and unlawful choice on Jerusalem,” he said.


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